Best Camping Flashlight & how to choose a good one

Camping Flashlight
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Camping is a great activity to enjoy the relaxing moments when you live far away from the noise as well as bustling life of the city, immersing yourself in nature with fresh air with friends & family. Many people consider the most interesting time of camping is at night. And at the moment, the most essential is light, no one wants to be dark without the light to enjoy the activities with friends, listening to music, reading books. At this time Camping Flashlight is necessary for these activities.

So, what’s camping Flashlight?

Camping lights generally work like normal flashlights, the main function being used for lighting. The main difference between camping lights and hand-held lamps is at its wide light. Camping Flashlight emits yellow bright, no glare when sitting near. And the most important feature is that the battery should last so long to be able to use all night or as long as possible. Other reason why you need to have Camping Flashlights is that when going to the mountains, or picnic on the beach without light is really inconvenient, sometimes even dangerous to yourself.

What’s the main features of Camping Flashlights?


Camping lights should have multiple luminaires including the moonlight rungs used in tents when going to bed, brightness of 400lm or more for groups of 4 or more.

Lighting distance

Lighting distance is a very important factor, imagine a flashlight that only lights up to 3m in front of you, it’s basically useless. There should be a projection of 10m or more so we can comfortably live around it.


Water resistance rating is usually measured by the IPX system, which has 8 different ratings. A good camping lamp, the minimum one must support IPx4 or higher water resistance because in the forest there will be a lot of mist and sudden rains, we must prepare for the worst cases.

Shock resistance

Should have impact resistant lamps from 1m or more which mean you might drop the lamp from your hand & it’s still unbroken.


It is important to consider your needs when choosing the flashlight size you want. Small flashlights are easier to carry with larger, bulky lamps, but in return, large lamps often give more light.

Led light

LED bulbs are the most popular flashlight today, they provide more light, last longer with less power consumption. In the past, LEDs were much more expensive than incandescent bulbs, however, with current technology, prices have become quite balanced.

Charging ability

Instead of buying a new battery when the battery runs out, you simply plug the flashlight into the charger, which saves you significant cost of use.

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