Best Outdoor Activities in Montana‎, USA

Outdoor Activities in Montana‎
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Montana is a state in the north of USA. This place also offers you with more chances for joining Outdoor Activities. Let’s see what you can do at this place with the most interesting outdoor activities.

Join the winter sports with Ski & Snowboard

1)Big Sky Resort

Big Sky Resort is good place for winter sport. The beauty of this resort attract thousand of clients each month. Money has been invested this resort to make it to become the best place for visitors each year

Big Sky Resort

2)Whitefish Mountain Resort

There’re thousands of Skiers that satisfy with this place. Whitefish Mountain Resort is famous with its nature beauty in Winter. The resort sees an average of 300 inches of snow on its 3,000 acres. Whitefish is such a great place for all levels of skiers. There are so many choices of runs and the food on the hill is fantastic!!

Whitefish Mountain Resort

3)Bridger Bowl

if you are beginner, then bridger Bowl is a good place for testing your ski level. This place offers with various terrains then you easily select the best place for skiing.

Bridger Bowl

4)Red Lodge Mountain

There’re various terrains here that make it easy for you to choose the best places for skiing. This place is easy for you to drive the car to. The mountain view is so beautiful for you to enjoy the landscape here. It’s a popular place for skiing in winter.

Red Lodge Mountain

Top 4 places for Biking Trails

1)Swan River Nature Trail

Many people select this place as it’s easy to hike with great views of the river. Let’s prepare a good bike & take a good biking tour here with friends. Here you can enjoy the wild nature, river with rock. The best feeling only at Swan River Nature Trail

Swan River Nature Trail

2)The Whitefish Trail

The trail here is so suitable for any biking tour. You can come here & test once and feel the best experience forever. You have chance to cycle through the forest with some kind of pine tree

The Whitefish Trail

As we can tell you is that the view is great with fresh air & lake

The Whitefish Trail 2

3)Middle Cottonwood Trailhead

There’re a combination of the nature beauty here; you can see the trail, the rock, tree & stream also. It’s a good place for joining any outdoor activities with great pasion. 

Middle Cottonwood Trailhead

4)Whitefish Mountain Resort

Located at the northwest Montana, this resort is so famous to attract visitors yearly. The best time you can come here is in winter, when you can see the snow & take the chance for skiing. And other seasons are suitable for biking

Biking at Whitefish Mountain Resort

Other activities you can do here

  1. Rafting at Glacier National Park Scenic Float

It’s a good place for rafting in pure & green water, seeing the nature beauty. The flow of water here is also peaceful.

2) Take private tour for visiting Yellowstone National Park Sightseeing 

It’s a good time for seeing the wild animal at the National Park. Just take a camera with you to catch the best movement from wild animal.


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