Best places for Hiking Trail in Colorado

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Hiking Trail is an interesting experience for all outdoor fanatic of travel. USA offers a lot of chances for you to enjoy these chances. And Colorado is a good state for you to join with multiple outdoor travel activities. Let’s see the best places for Hiking Trail in Colorado.

1)Piedra River Trail

It’s a good place for Hiking with family & friends. Piedra River Trail offers you with nature beauty. You can hike along the river trail, walking along the pure water. Hiking a long the rock is an interesting feeling only this place.

Hiking at Piedra River Trail

2)Roxborough State Park

There’re so many outdoor activities you can do here. Many people see this is a quiet place, and you have more chances to enjoy picturesque views here. The park is a safe place to walk. The walk is easy and the scrub oak are beautiful colors in contrast to the rocks; particularly in fall. 

Roxborough State Park

3) St. Mary’s Glacier

St, Mary’s Glacier is always a good place for you to come. The wind from the Glacier make you happy for each time coming here. Some people come here for fishing, and the most beautiful time maybe in winter when you have chance to enjoy the snow. Anyway, hiking is the best outdoor activity you can take here.

St. Mary's Glacier

4)Seven Bridges Trail

When you come here, you have chance to hear the natural sound of stream.  Yes, from the depth in the forest with small stream. The water is so pure, and you have chance to enjoy the most peaceful time here in Seven Bridges Trail

Seven Bridges Trail

5)Horsetooth Mountain Open Space

So many people select this place as the best place for hiking. The view for this place is so wonderful with mountain, lakes & the hiking trails along the river. If you climb to the top of the mountain, you can see a great view with open space. This place is so beautiful in both winter & summer.

Horsetooth Mountain Open Space

6)Booth Falls Trail

Six-mile hiking trail climbs 3,000 feet in elevation as it passes varied scenery including lakes, waterfalls and aspen forests. This place is cover with green trees every year. And this is a good place for hiking, picnic. Some hikers have chances to take the best photos along the hill. The air is also fresh at this place.

7)Devil’s Backbone Nature Trail

System of trail in flat surface, it’s rather suitable for beginners who take the first time for hiking. And this place is a good place for beginners. Absolutely, this place with great view for hikers. You should choose to hike in Summer or in Fall, as the snow has been covered through all winter.

Devil's Backbone Nature Trail

8) Last Dollar Road

The fact we don’t know why they name this place with “last dollar road”. This is hill location with fatastic view. Some people often take the struck to this place. However, this splace is a good place for hiking with some trails. Stay away from noisy city, here you can breath the fresh air, walk along the flower 

Last Dollar Road

9)Animas River Trail

You can walk through the bridge & live in harmony at Animas River Trail. This place is fresh with stream for you to take other outdoor activities such as boating, fishing…

Animas River Trail

10)Bear Lake Trailhead

Enjoy the best view from the lake with pure water. This place is a good place for hiking, relax at weekend. The Pine Tree make this place is so beautiful with mountain rock. You can fly the fish here with your passion.

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