Best suggestions for outdoor activities in Georgia, Usa

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Hey guys, USA mainland is so large. So you can travel for each state to save the time for moving. In fact, Georgia is the state with modern cities; but it’s also famous with outdoor activities here. If you’re citizen or living in Georgia, Usa; there’re so many outdoor activities that you can do for this location. Let’s discuss this topic.

Top 4 places for Hiking Trails

1)Raven Cliff Falls

Raven Cliff Falls is famous with its wild nature. Here, you have chance to enjoy the most peaceful feeling with stream, lie on the rock with safe cliff.

Raven Cliff Falls

It’s a great idea for hiking trail here, you can walk through the trail along the stream, breath the fresh air

hiking trail

2)Stone Mountain Park

It’s seen the most visited attraction in Goergia. Stone Mountain Park offers with so many interesting outdoor activities. And you can try hiking here. 

Stone Mountain Park

This place is extremelly beautiful with great view from high places where you can relax among big stones under the shadow

Stone Mountain Park (2)

3)Silver Comet Trail

It’s so attractive from its name, Silver Comet Trail is famous with its straigh lane & trail for outdoor activities here. It’s a good place for hiking trail or biking. And it’s not a crowded place, then you can relax and enjoy beautiful nature.

4)Big Creek Greenway

Just select beautiful day & start your journey with outdoor activities. It’s a wonderful place for hiking, walking & observing the wild nature. Big Creek Greenway is famous with the curve cement path where you can breath fresh air along the channel. Moreover, this place is famous with wild animals, birds….

Big Creek Greenway

Top 4 Water Sports you can join here

1)Tybee Island Dolphin Tour

Tybee Island Dolphin Tour

Join the tour to get the chances you can see the sea animal like penguine, seagull, watch the lighthouse, and see the beautiful afternoon in romatic way. You have more chance to explore the bar here. It’s a great experience.

2)Paddleboard Tour & Yoga

It’s a special place where you can join the Paddleboard Tour & take the Yoga. The great feeling when you stay on sea surface and take the yoga. There’re so many avaible yoga class here, just join it for the best feeling

Paddleboard Tour & Yoga

3)Inshore Fishing Charter

Fishing is always attracted by men; and you have chance to do funny outdoor activities here. However, this is only for group. Just find the friends with the same hobby to join it

Inshore Fishing Charter

4)Studio in Powers Ferry, Marietta, GA

Not all the time you join the outdoor activities; then this service is so suitable. You can relax in a Studio room, check email, bathing… just inform the service supplier for prepairing the room properly

Studio in Powers Ferry, Marietta, GA

Top 4 Tours & Sightseeing

1)Haunted Pub Crawl And Ghost Tour

There’re few pubs here where you can join the night activities in Savannah’s Historic District. You would have chance to meet new friends. Enjoy the best drinks

2)Savannah Old Town Trolley Tour

Get up early in the morning with exciting activities for you at Savannah Old Town. There’re so many tours for you to see the town in peaceful way

Savannah Old Town

3)Savannah Culinary & Cultural Walking Food Tour

Wow, there’re several restaurants and food stores here. After long hour of walking, you now have chance to relax & eat something

4)Creepy Crawl Haunted Pub Tour of Savannah

Don’t lack with the time & spending the best time for joining with friends for laughters

Creepy Crawl Haunted Pub Tour of Savannah


Ok, that’s all we should share you for some activities in Georgia, Usa. Hope you can find the best things to do here. And remember to share your friends with the best pictures. Comeback this place more often & enjoy outdoor activities with fun 

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