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How to choose a Wetsuit for beginner?

best wetsuit review

Wetsuits are generally products that directly protect your body when you dive, swim under the water . While you take some activities like scuba diving, swimming, surfing; wetsuit not only helps you avoid the risk of heat loss from your body but also prevents sharp objects from being cut or stung (fish, corals, jellyfish, rocks, […]

Guide to buy a wide brim hat for summer vacation

wide brim hat women

Talking about accessories, hat is forever in style. There are many types of hat for all year round. But when it comes to summer, straw brim hat is the winner. For centuries, people have been wearing straw hats for shade. The fact that they are woven from artificial or natural straw materials means that there […]

Guide to buy sunglasses for women for summer vacation

Sunglasses are really deal-breaker accessories for women at beach vacation. They are powerful in keeping you in style, but also keeping you safe from the sun. When the summer is coming, we all search for a pair of shades for the first summer trip or for daily use.

How to choose pants for hiking?


costumes play an important role in the success of your hiking or backpacking trip. Why? Because they are the key element in bringing you comfort during miles of walking. Jeans and other daily-use pants can not replace hiking pants because they are not lightweight and quick drying. If you’re new to hiking pants and wonder […]

Buying guide for Bike mount holder, Smart Phone Mount Bag for Bicycles

iphone bag for bicycle

A phone mount holder is an indispensable part of your ride. It helps you to use the most out of your phone like using the GPS system in real-time without taking our hand or your eyes of the road. Also, you don’t miss any important calls or messages just because your phone is in the […]