Guide to buy a good Surfboard, where to buy it?

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You are new to this adventure sport, but you have passion on it. Surfboarding is a good sport to play with waves, so our following shares will help you better understand about how to choose a good surfboard for beginners. To surf with a beginner can be very difficult. For those of you see the the surfing on TV or on the Internet than they actually experience, this is an even harder exercise. Any sport has very clear requirements to meet, so you can start practicing.

Let’s start with how to choose a suitable Surfboard

Infact, there’re 4 main types of Surfboards. We will explore each type for you. 1 / Shortboard
A samle product of Thruster 
The first is the shortboard, also known as thruster. This type of surfboard is presented with short length. It is a type of surfboard that have been used to perform quick wave operations and is the most popular type of surfboard design. The size of these thrusters is usually from 5’8 ‘to 6’10’ ‘. 2/ Longboard (malibu) longboard-surfboard The next board type is longboard or malibu (mal). The main difference in design is that the tip of the longboard is rounded. Other than that there is no real difference, although short surfboards tend to have three sides and long surfboards tend to have a single edge. Before we receive e-mails from the double side and other surfers, we should say that the surfboard can have as many edges as they want; It is not standardized Mini-mals or funboard range from 7’2 ” to 9’0 ” and Malibus is 9’0 ” and longer. 3 / Fish Board fish-surfboard The Fish Board is the next type of surfboard group that we will consider. The Fish Board is very similar to a short surfboard but has a smaller length. The lack of length is made up of an increase in the width of the surfboard, making it a bit more rounded shape. Fish boards are usually between 4’8 ” and 6’0 ”. There is a common misconception that Fish Board makes good surfboards for beginners – this is not the right view. 4 / Gun Board gun-surfboard The Gun Board is a larger version of the shortboard and is used while encountering big waves. The length of the plank increased, making it able to paddle into larger waves. Gun Board can range from 7’2 ” to over 12 ” for really large waves. To sump up, what’s the best Surfboard for beginners? The best surfboard for beginners is a malibu. Why? Because they are larger and thicker it will be easier to pick up the wave as well as more stable to stand up. Ideal surfboard is at least 9 ‘long and is made of foam. Foam, as it is often called, is an ideal board to start and is used in surf schools to learn and practice.

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