Guide to buy a wide brim hat for summer vacation

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Talking about accessories, hat is forever in style. There are many types of hat for all year round. But when it comes to summer, straw brim hat is the winner.
For centuries, people have been wearing straw hats for shade. The fact that they are woven from artificial or natural straw materials means that there are small openings for air. Those hats are not only sun-protective, but also very breathable. The effective of sun protection pretty much depends on how tight the weave is. The tighter the weave is, the less sunlight coming through.
This is an item of summer (and basically spring and fall), no wonder they are loved by lots of celebrities, both men and women.
If you are thinking about getting yourself a summer hat like this, we have some cool styles and buying guides written down for you!
Boater Hats
The boater style is adored by both men throughout history until Coco Chanel changed the fate of this style, made it her iconic look. Started to be worn by men, the brim is not too wide, which makes the hat a perfect accessory for men’s outfits. After the hat is elevated into an icon of high fashion, it has become every designer’s go-to hat. Short brim might not be a good choice for sun protection, but it’d be perfect for doing summer activities because it does not limit your sight.
Panama Hats
Panama hats are originally created by skilled craftsmen in Ecuador. The hat got its name and fame after the visit of President Roosevelt to Panama Canal in 1906. Nowadays, the hat is mainly worn by tourists and vacationers. Made from tequila straw, light-colored Panama hat is a chic, stylish and sporty. Perfect choice for both men and women for your summer vacation.
Fedora Hat
A quick glance at Fedora hats and Panama hats might get people confused. They look pretty much similar. What is the difference here? Panama hats are made with straw, while Fedora hats are sometimes made of felt. Some fedora hats have a shorter and slightly curved brim, which make it great for a casual look. It can be so chic when mixed with a summer dress, or even jeans and shirts.
Floppy Hat
This is a classic, girly look. One outstanding feature of a floppy hat is its wide brim, which can be up to 15 cm wide, providing shade for even your shoulders. If you want a hat for great sun protection, a floppy hat is what you look for. It’s just perfect for walking around, sightseeing.
A floppy hat usually comes with a satin ribbon to complement the look without outshining other accessories on your outfit. Floppy hats usually come in different colors. While white hats are very pure and gentle, black or dark colored hats perform better at sun protection.
The Lifeguard hat
Usually worn by lifeguards along California beach, the hat is made from thick straw and fairly loose weave. This hat might not be the best at protecting your skin against the sun. It does a great job at providing cool shade for the face. For fishing trips by the beach or on the boat, this hat is just the one. When you’re in somewhere windy, its chin strap is gonna help the hat stay put, even when the strong wind just wants to blow your hat away.
The Garden Straw Hat
Straw hats for gardening are extremely popular for their lightweight qualities. Most gardening straw hats have chin straps and are popular among those who want to consider activity when choosing a straw hat (they don’t want their hats flying off whilst bending over or doing other activities).
The Chloe wide brim derby hat
Derby hats became popular after being worn by the famous British Actress – Audrey Hepburn. The hat brings can make the outfit more glorious and “royal.” With the brim curving down, Derby hats are great at sun protection. They are also very compact and easy to carry.

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