Guide to buy sunglasses for women for summer vacation

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Sunglasses are really deal-breaker accessories for women at beach vacation. They are powerful in keeping you in style, but also keeping you safe from the sun. When the summer is coming, we all search for a pair of shades for the first summer trip or for daily use. If you are new at this, it seems like all sunglasses look quite similar, except for the look. However, there is more to sunglasses than the way they look. Other features in eyewear are not any less important than the style. Our guides will make it easier for you to pick up yourself a perfect pair that fits your size, style, and purposes.

UV Protection

On top of everything, you wear sunglasses for a reason. And that is to protect your eyes. There are 2 kinds of UV Rays: UVA and UVB UVA rays make up for 95% of UV radiation. Although they are not really intense, some researches on UV influence have shown this type of Ray is associated with premature aging and skin cancer development. UVB rays are far more intense, especially in summer months, causing sunburns and eye damages. They also greatly contribute to skin cancer. best sunglasses reviews Sunglasses with UV protection can save your eyes and the skin area around them. Though, the level of protection may vary between different brands. Some might offer UV protection, but only about 40%. Some can only shield you from UVA rays. Looking at the specifications might help you find if the pair that you’re into is 100% UV protective.

Sunglasses Lens Materials

Lens materials are what decide the clarity and the durability of your pair. Nowadays, eyewear manufacturers use a number of common materials to make sunglasses. High priced sunglasses are usually made of optical, polycarbonate, or NXT polyurethane glass. sunglases lens These materials are loved because they are strong, lightweight, distortion-free, shock and scratch-resistant. However, they are quite costly and therefore, you have to pay more for those shades made from these. If you have a tighter budget, glasses made made out of acrylic are just fine. Although this material cannot beat those above competitors, they are reasonably priced while still secure durability and optical clarity for causal or fashion use

Sunglasses Frame Material

Glasses frame is what decides the comfort of your pair. Whether it is soft or hard depends on the materials. The right frame makes a huge impact on how you like your pair. Women’s glasses are varied in frame design. A frame can be made of different materials. Plastic and Metal are the most common materials used in the production of glasses frames. The following materials are the best. You might want to find out if your pair is made of them. Woman-Sunglasses Metal Metals are malleable and hence can easily bend to fit different sizes of the head. Because metal frames are quite flexible, they do not cause any irritation when touching the sides of your head, right in front of the ears. However, the metal frame is quite pricey and not so durable. And cause they are bent easily, they tend to get loose while put on and taken off often. Titanium Frame Sunglasses are for high-end shades, given their high price. They are the best in features like durability, scratch resistance. Titanium frames are usually thin because they don’t need to be thick to hold in shape. Plastic Nylon Frame Sunglasses are flexible while still stiff enough for the glasses to stay put. These glasses are perfect to wear while you are engaged in physical activities. As technology gets more advanced, nylon beats metal frames in terms of price, weight, and strength. It can also withstand the change of temperatures, so you can surely bring them to every part of the world with different climate conditions. Polycarbonate Frame Sunglasses are associated with sport and safety glasses. Polycarbonate is a tough plastic that offers great impact resistance.

Sunglasses Frame Size

No matter how killer those shades look, if they don’t fit your face, they can be a real downer. The three pillars to a well-fitted pair are eye size, bridge size, and temple size. Women usually have smaller face than men, therefore glasses for women are smaller. Eye size is the widths between the outside to the inside edge of the lens. They are usually 40 – 62mm Bridge size is the distance between lenses, typically 14 -24 mm Temple size is the length of the temples, usually 120 – 150 m. The temples must also not curve too early; otherwise, the glasses will fall down on your nose

Sunglasses colors

sunglasses-for-women-reviews Colors can affect the light filtration of your lenses. Each shade provides a new look for you and new varying light of what you see through the lenses. Gray/Green Lenses These tints reduce the intensity of the light without making any changes to the real colors. These shades are for those who sensitive to bright light or those who need to reduce the glare while driving or doing something outdoors. Brown Lenses Brown is a neutral color. These lenses can cause color distortion, however, you will be able to see things more clearly because brown tints provide deep contrast and depth perception. Yellow/Gold/Amber Lenses These tints give you a fashionista’s look but protect you poorer from the bright light. Therefore, these tints are not for the summer. Sorry girl! But if you already bought them or you are seeing some of these shades that stole your heart. Save them for winter! They are a real lifesaver when it comes to low light conditions or snow activities. As a matter of fact, they do a good job at overcasting weather or snow Rose/Vermilion Lenses These can be perfect for all-day use because they do not make the eye get tired from looking through lenses for too long. Mirrored or Flash Coating Lenses The lenses are coated so the glasses become reflective, people can’t see your eyes. Mirrored lenses make objects look darker than their real colors, hence, highly suitable for people who are sensitive to the brightness.

Sunglasses Lens Technology

Polarization Vertical lights that reflect on the surface of water, glass, or even cars can cause eye irritation. You will see quite a lot of glare while being outside, or enjoying summer water sports. Polarized shades can effectively reduce this blinding glare to help the eyes feel more relieved. Polarized lenses are desirable for driving as well as water activities. Photochromic Sunglasses Photochromic lenses can make objects look darker in intense light, and also make them look brighter when the sky gets dark. This helps balance the lights and wearers can see things more clearly. However, photochromic lenses take some time to adjust the colors of objects and they hardly work when you seat inside a car. Because the process is stimulated by UVB rays which usually can’t go through the windshield. Gradient Sunglasses Lenses These are great for driving because the lenses are darkest from the top down. This helps reduce overhead lights and allow more light to come from the bottom half of the lenses. If you want to reduce light from the bottom half too, you can choose double gradient sunglasses lenses.

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