How to choose a Wetsuit for beginner?

best wetsuit review
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Wetsuits are generally products that directly protect your body when you dive, swim under the water . While you take some activities like scuba diving, swimming, surfing; wetsuit not only helps you avoid the risk of heat loss from your body but also prevents sharp objects from being cut or stung (fish, corals, jellyfish, rocks, etc.). Therefore, they are the most important equipment for any water sport or diving. Infact, Wetsuits are different from other types of diving gears. When wearing wetsuit, your body might still get wet when wearing. This means that the seawater penetrates the diving suit, maintaining like a thin layer around the body, then it has been warmed up to keep the warmth for your body.  Depending on the sea area, water temperature and personal characteristics to choose the thickness as well as the style of the wetsuit accordingly. best wetsuit review

Standard features:

Wetsuit is usually made from  Neoprene material providing very good insulation, resistant to the changing of weather, oil resistance … This material is often coated or lined with a spray paint to increase add aesthetics. Synthetic rubbers have sticky so they do not pull up and down quickly during wearing it What determines the warmth of a wetsuit is the thickness of the material. Thickness ranges from 1mm to 9mm. Some example for the thickness of wetsuit such as 5mm (temperate countries) and 7mm (cold water).

Wetsuit style

Shorties: A one-piece outfit with short sleeves and knee-length. Usually about 3mm thick and used for environment with warm water. Shorties wetsuit Full-Body WetSuit: Cover your arms and legs. Extension cords are usually placed on the front or back of the diving suit. Different thicknesses are available to suit different water environments. Full-Body WetSuit 2-piece diving wetsuits: are popular because when you use two pieces together. You can totally use 2 separate pieces to get 2 in 1 clothes

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