What’re the benefits of mountain biking?

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It is a fact that in recent decades the number of bicycles that have been produced exceed the cars. It seems that people in developed countries have gradually realized the meaning of beautiful bikes for the environment and health. There are many types of cycling, such as in the city tour, cycling to work … but it seems that the most interesting type is mountain biking. Join us to learn the benefits of mountain biking for your health.

1) Mountain biking helps you breathe fresh air

In fact, the fresh air is only available in the mountains or the countryside where trees & system of river or lake are available. You will rarely see the type of engine like cars, trucks releasing into the environment with pollution here. Moreover, the low population density will make the atmosphere more fresh. Cycling to these places will give you the opportunity to breathe fresh air. Air quality is much better in cities, or urban areas
Group of friends ride mountain bike in the forest together

2) Improve cardiovascular health

Regular exercise is a way to help improve the cardiovascular system. A new study from the British Medical Association has also shown that cycling for at least 30 km a week can reduce the risk of heart disease up to about 50%. Mountain biking helps your muscle to act  & consume a volume of calories & oxygen. This seems to make the heart work more steadily and may train your heart up to 3-7%.

3)Reduce stress, improve mood

Mountain biking will increase the strong demand for your body to release a natural amount of endorphins, which also seems to be the way your body feels good as you as help you to get more energy. Exercise helps you increase serotonin, an important neurotransmitter in the brain that helps prevent depression and anxiety. The focus, along with the necessary attention when riding a bicycle, seems to be one of the many challenging challenges that make the journey a form of meditation movement. People in so many countriesconsider mountain biking as the best way to release the stress to reduce anxiety and depression.

4) Increase the power of your brain 

Researchers at the University of Illinois have also found that people having the habbit of mountain biking with  5% improvement for cardiovascular system, and also improve mental health by up to 15%. This is partly due to the built-in hippocampus brain cells that plays the role for your memory. Biking helps to increase the blood and oxygen to the brain, the it also help to prevent Alzheimer occurring in people over the age of 50.

woman biking at the mountain

5) Help you to sleep better

After any mountain biking, you seem to feel tired. Don’t worry, this is positive signal  that help you to improve your sleep every night and it’s good for renewable energy the next morning. Exercises with the Mointain bike reduce cortisol, a hormone that helps us become more alert. This is a form of outdoor activities, mountain bicycles seem to show you daylight to help you maintain a natural sleep for the body at night. More over, cycling help to enhance vitamin D. 

6) Enjoy the beauty of nature

What better way to have a great experience than to enjoy the feeling of the wind, view the fantastic mountain  on the trail. So many reasearch has shown that biking in nature that help to improve feelings of intimacy and stress. An accurate busy urban environment with the opposite effect of stimulation causes anxiety in the brain. Try spending more time on your bike, you can also become more environmentally friendly.

Instead of watching football, playing games, go cycling. There is no better way to think about improving your mental health and overall emotional wellbeing. With the above tips, you will definitely be able to start your journey. Please choose a suitable sports bike to be able to go better.


people now can find a new way for relax and live near the nature with mountain biking. Hope you can find the best place for mountain biking near your location


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